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About Us

How did it all start?

Hi, I'm Miki!

So, how did it all start? It all started one day with me wanting to learn crochet from my sister to learn how to sew drawstring bags for her to store her work clothes. As a nurse working during the pandemic, she needed something to hold her scrubs after work. Something that can be thrown in the washing machine together with the scrubs. She used to use plastic bags to store them and would have to take the scrubs out and leave the bags in a bin outside of the house for a few days. It was inconvenient and impractical, especially during those times. As a result, I wanted to make one for her. I went to get some precut fabrics and started sewing. I was completely new at it, the making process was long and not always pleasant. However, the sight of the final products made it all worth it! It was so useful (and cute to look at)! Now I just kept making them because I love how convenient they are to use and... hope you will think so too! Also, maybe one day I will include some crochet projects in the future too...who knows!

What is UchuuBunny?

UchuuBunny's goal is to bring you reusable products that will make things more convenient for you. Not only will its beautiful fabric prints attract you but also its usefulness! Hope you will love them as much as I enjoyed making them :)!

Why UchuuBunny?

Why UchuuBunny? Uchuu means space in Japanese. I wanted the name to have every little piece of what I loved. Since I was born in the year of the rabbit (and have always loved the concept of “moon rabbit”), I wanted something related to that. As a result, I decided to mix them all and go with “UchuuBunny” (a bunny in the space)!